Monday, October 21, 2013

Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Biography Project Pathfinder

Through this research project you will become an expert of one of the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs and write a short biography of them.

You will work on this pharaoh biography for 2-3 days in the library during class. 

Suggested Outline: 
  Name of the Pharaoh (date of birth, place of birth, year reigned the country)
   Family Life
   What made him/her a pharaoh?
   What are the good things that this pharaoh did for his/her country or greatest contributions?
   What is his/her greatest achievements as a pharaoh?
   What made him/her real famous?
   What was his/her downfall as a pharaoh?
   Any important information you can add to this biography.

Most famous pharaohs: Hatshepsut, Tutankhamen, Ramses II, Thutmose III,  Kufu, Kafra, Amenhotep I, Akhenaten.

Non-Fiction Books

921 CLE
Flamarion, Edith. Cleopatra : the life and death of a pharaoh. 

921 HAT
Andronik, Catherine M CT. Hatshepsut, his majesty, herself. 

921 RAM

Menu, Bernadette. Ramesses II, greatest of the pharaohs. 
921 TUT
Brier, Bob. The murder of Tutankhamen : a true story. 

921 TUT
Murdoch, David H. Tutankhamun : the life and death of a Pharaoh. 

921 TUT
Netzley, Patricia D CA. The curse of King Tut. 

932 DOH
Doherty, Paul. The mysterious death of Tutankhamun. 

932 HAR

Hart, Avery. Pyramids! : 50 hands-on activities to experience ancient Egypt..
932 KIN
King, Michael R. Who killed King Tut? : using modern forensics to solve a 3,300-year-old mystery. 

932 MEL

Meltzer, Milton. In the days of the pharaohs: a look at ancient Egypt. 

932 MIL

Millard, Anne. The world of the pharaoh. 
932 Wei
Weitzman, David. Pharaoh's boat. 

Reference materials 
Another great way to research on your topic is by using   reference books. Reference books give you a brief overview about specific topic. You can use the same keywords you’ve generated previously for your reference search. 
Here is a list of a few reference materials that we have in our library located in the Reference Section of the library:

REF 932 REE Reeves, Nicholas. Ancient Egypt : the great discoveries : a year-by-year chronicle
REF 932 BAI        Baines, John. Cultural atlas of ancient Egypt
REF 031 WOR   The World Book encyclopedia. 2002 ed. New York : World Book, 2002.

Online Databases 
Digital Library databases can be an excellent source when looking for good quality information. These subscription databases are District approved and guaranteed to contain accurate, high quality information.

  Encyclopedia Britannica will provide the most in-depth information
  World Book- A general encyclopedia database

Do not forget to cite your sources!!!